“Space Events” event club

We have 15 years of experience in organising various events. Space Events group includes: SPACE EVENTS CLUB – the place where events are held. Golf tournaments such as: SPACE OPEN, Polish Classic, WGC-Warsaw Golf Championship, Polish Golf Albatross Awards (ALBATROSY Polskiego Golfa – golf community awards) and Dream Golf Destinations – a golf travel agency. In a year, we created golf tournaments with record-breaking popularity. We turned our passion into action to promote golf as a discipline which offers sports rivalry, leisure and an opportunity to make interesting personal and business contacts. Golf has become a manner of promoting a healthy lifestyle. In Poland, this sport is developing dynamically. It is possible for example thanks to tournaments organised by Space Events.

The first one is prestigious Space Open (www.spaceopen.pl), played at the best golf courses in Poland, Scotland, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Gran Canaria and Dubai. The tournament is open for participants over 30 years of age and one third of competitors in the last edition were women. The director of the tournament is Robert Zmarzliński. The second tournament organised by Space Events is Polish Classic (www.polishclassic.pl). It is open for competitors over 19 years of age, who play on 11 golf courses all over Poland. These one-day tournaments were created to make it possible for the best golf players in Poland to compete with each other. The director of the tournament is Janusz Mojsiewicz. The third tournament organised by Space Events is Warsaw Golf Championship (WGC www.warsawgolfchampionship.pl), which is a 3-day elimination tournament held on Warsaw golf courses. The director of the tournament is Janusz Mojsiewicz. A group of experienced organisers and referees make sure that the tournaments are professional. The aim is to set the highest standard in the organisation of golf tournaments. It is all done so that competitors can feel unique and can enjoy the sport they practice.


Our brand is also DGD Dream Golf Destinations (www.dreamgolfdestinations.com), a travel agency with an original vision. Why? Because we want a GOLF COURSE to be the destination, not a hotel or a resort. We want to give people the opportunity to play in locations in which we would like to play ourselves. The agency is headed by Kamila Pieper. A brand of Space Events is Polish Golf Albatross (Albatrosy Polskiego Golfa, www.albatrosy.com), golf awards which are granted every year. Voting is clear and transparent, with electors who represent the whole golf community. The Electors include representatives of Golf Channel Polska, Polish Senior Golf Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Golfa Seniorów), Polish Ladies’ Golf Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Golfa Kobiet), Polish Greenkeepers Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Greenkeeperów), and referees from the Polish Golf Union (Polski Związek Golfa). 155 people in total. Electors vote in specific categories by choosing their three favourites and awarding points to them. The winners receive Polish Golf Albatross awards at an official gala. Of course, we need to remember about 8 CARS Invitational, a two-day golf tournament with Hole In One, a competition involving 5 par-3 holes, in which you can win 8… or even 10 Volvo cars! The first edition of the tournament took place in Sobienie Królewskie. Since it is a 5-hole par-3 golf course, there were 10 Volvo cars to be won. Volvo Euroservice Warszawa revealed new car models to be won in the Hole In One competition every day before the tournament. Relying on 6 years of experience in organising golf tournaments and 15 years of experience in events, production and decoration, we are looking forward to sharing our professional and expert knowledge in organising various events.


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